Turn your inbox into a document management tool


DokDok enhances your email inbox to make it easy to find, compare and work on versions of email attachments.

Version history of email attachments

Summary of changes between versions

Related attachments in other conversations

Other files exchanged with sender & recipients

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Compare attachment versions side-by-side

With a list of other versions just a click away, you can make sure you're not working on an outdated version.

Renaming files to indicate versions works great. DokDok will highlight version numbers, dates, initials or keywords such as "draft" and "final" in the file name.

To get a quick summary of what's been changed in the attachment you just received, click the "changes in document" tab. DokDok will list insertions and deletions between any two given versions with a button to compare both versions side-by-side (currently supports Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org files).

Compare versions side-by-side with DokDok
Quickly preview other attachments in context with DokDok

Automatic document archive

Forget about keeping file sharing sites up-to-date or setting up folder synching. DokDok uses documents already found in your email.

From any given message, you can quickly get a list of related files as well as other document exchanged with the sender and recipients. No more time lost searching for attachments.

You can also preview attachments in your web browser. No need to download the file or install special software.

What users are saying about DokDok

"DokDok works like a charm and proves to be very handy when you do receive many attachments and after the last enhancements even better. I was afraid it would slow mail down but that is hardly noticable."

- Hans Berendsen

"Makes work more efficient and my life much better :)"

- Barbra Uittenbosch

"It is the most useful and elegant app yet!"

- Dennis Doherty

"Never knew I had so many attachments. This is a really nice way to view and manage the mass amount of data we have to deal with nowadays. I always wanted better attachment control, and DokDok provides pretty close to everything I could imagine wanting."

- Michael Lawler

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The DokDok API is now Context.IO

Our Email API turns mailboxes into a data source developers can use to integrate email data in their applications.

Given that this API is about way more than just attachments, we figured that "DokDok API" was a name that didn't do it justice ... welcome to Context.IO.

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